Partnership – Cole Hersee is proudly supplied across Australia by ECCO Safety Group Australia


ECCO Safety Group Australia (ESGA) have been the authorised Australian distributor of Cole Hersee for over twenty years!

ESGA has also played a pivotal role in developing partnership products including the ‘Australian Mining Regulations Standards’ stamped 75910-01 battery master switch. This battery master switch was developed by BAE in conjunction with Cole Hersee and mining giant BHP Billiton, to service specific safety requirements. The Cole Hersee 75910-01 is now specified and required for all vehicles entering a BHP Billiton mine site.

Along with the Cole Hersee brand, ESGA also distributes other well-known automotive brands including ECCO, Code 3, Britax, PRECO, GE, and Xray Vision. ESGA is also part of the ECCO Safety Group (ESG) which globally serves more than 3,000 OEM and aftermarket customers.

Quality - It’s not how much you save, it’s what and who you save

Cole Hersee Mining TrucksCheap copy components can cause expensive damage to equipment and put lives at risk. Cole Hersee products are renowned for quality and reliability that will protect you, your workers, and your valuable vehicles and equipment.

Cole Hersee are a leading manufacturer of electromechanical, electronic and digital switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of vehicles. Since its founding in 1924, Cole Hersee has been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and has earned a reputation for quality and value.

Cole Hersee collaborated on many basic industry standards and today is a preferred supplier of over 2,000 dependable vehicle products and accessories. Cole Hersee is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


History - Manufacturing switches since 1924


Cole Hersee have been manufacturing reliable electrical switches for vehicles for close to 90 years, and throughout history have been recognised for innovative products. Some innovative switches have been awarded patents.

Many of the electrical and electronic switches and connectors made today are specified by OEMs, or used as high-quality replacement parts. Although 1924 is taken as the date Cole Hersee was established, antecedents go back even further to the dawn of the automobile age: The Henry Cole Company of Boston was founded in 1914!

Genuine - Beware of inferior and copy products

What would happen if you couldn’t shut off the power in an emergency? What would happen if the power was accidentally switched on while someone was working on a machine? What would happen if you couldn’t securely lock off your machinery—only to have it then damaged, vandalised, or stolen?

Only genuine stamped Cole Hersee 75910-01 master battery switches are designed and built to not only withstand harsh mining environments, but also to ensure that when the switch is on or off, it stays on or off—without any chance of it being accidentally switched or deliberately tampered with.


Make sure the switch you’re using is stamped with the official Cole Hersee insignia, and if it’s a genuine 75910 it will have ‘Complies with Australian mining regulations standards’ etched into the housing. If it doesn’t have the etching, you don’t have the genuine switch that is specified and required on many mining sites including BHP Billiton operations.