Dual Battery Switch Selector And Alt Field

This dual battery selector/master disconnect switch will suit any vehicle that needs to use two batteries where one battery is used for starting the engine, while the other is used to power auxiliary loads. UL rating 707B .

This is a common situation in trucks, boats, RVs, police and rescue vehicles, and in ambulances and fire equipment.

Alternator field disconnect circuit switch prevents possible alternator diode failure if the switch is accidentally turned
to Off with the engines running.


  • Dual Battery Switch Selector Master Disconnect
    with Alternator field disconnect circuit
  • High impact plastic case, knob and insulator
  • High temperature engineered plastic case
  • 4 position dual battery control
  • Position 1: Batteries OFF
  • Position 2: Battery #1 ON
  • Position 3: Battery #1&2 ON
  • Position 4: Battery #2 ON
  • Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant
  • High impact, flange mounting
  • Heavy duty copper stud terminals 3/8″









A selector switch allows use of the first battery, the second battery, or both batteries simultaneously. This provides back-up starting power in an emergency. Either or both batteries can be selected for energizing.

These switches combine the functions of Battery Selector and Master Disconnect Switches to give four battery power options:
Power cut off at the source. • Power On, Battery 2. • Power On, Battery 1. • Power On, both Batteries.

Battery selector switches provide a positive battery disconnect, which has many advantages:
• It gives a reliable shutdown of power during maintenance.
• The version with the key protects against theft of the vehicle, when unattended.
• It helps protect against electrical fires, when the vehicle is not in use, and minimizes battery drain.

Electrical Ratings Labeled UL 707B. Rating: 500A intermittent, 310A continuous, 6-36V DC Electrical ratings on UL labels are conservative.
Use with either alternators or generators. Make before break design permits operation through the three On positions with the engines running. Engines should always be shut down before turning to Off.