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    75930 Series

    With a patented weld breaker safety feature and integrated lockout/tagout, the 75930-Series Battery Master Disconnect Switch with Auxiliary Contact is designed for safely cutting off battery power to all electrical systems aboard heavy-duty vehicles and equipment used in mining, agriculture, construction, and transportation. This dual-pole, single-throw (DPST) manual battery disconnect switch is constructed with a robust engineered polymer housing, offering a contemporary design that stands up to the harsh conditions typically found in commercial vehicle environments. Carrying an IP67/IPX9K rating, the switch is protected against dust, debris, and water.

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  • Toggle Accessories

    Toggle Switch Silicone Sealing Boots

    Toggle boot covers protect switches against dirt and moisture and are recommended for use on construction and agricultural vehicles, boats and many other applications.

    Cole Hersee boot covers are made from highly-durable silicone rubber which is tightly bonded to a standard (15/32″-32 thread) nickel-plated hex nut. When the nut is tightened to the stem of a toggle switch, the rubber forms an o-ring seal with the panel.

    The boot completely covers the handle of the toggle switch (standard length: up to 11/16″, 17.46mm).

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