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  • Battery Master Switches

    75930 Series

    With a patented weld breaker safety feature and integrated lockout/tagout, the 75930-Series Battery Master Disconnect Switch with Auxiliary Contact is designed for safely cutting off battery power to all electrical systems aboard heavy-duty vehicles and equipment used in mining, agriculture, construction, and transportation. This dual-pole, single-throw (DPST) manual battery disconnect switch is constructed with a robust engineered polymer housing, offering a contemporary design that stands up to the harsh conditions typically found in commercial vehicle environments. Carrying an IP67/IPX9K rating, the switch is protected against dust, debris, and water.

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  • Battery Master Switches

    880175 – TR Series

    Cuts all battery power from vehicle electrical systems with applications needing switching of two circuits, or both positive and negative. 500A continuous current rating for each of the two circuits (using 2 x 4/0 input and 2 x 4/0 output cables). Can be used to switch two vehicle voltage circuits simultaneously (24V and 12V). Disconnect a battery or multiple batteries, in either the positive or the negative line.

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  • Anti-restart 4 Position Sealed Ignition Switch

    Ignition Key Start

    Anti-restart 4 Position Sealed Ignition Switch

    This sealed switch from Cole Hersee is constructed from engineered thermoplastic and is OEM quality. A fully sealed O-ring, ultrasonic welding and integral Deutsch connector, this switch is rated to IP67. Supplied with two matching keys including integrated boots.

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  • battery master switch

    Battery Master Switches

    Battery Master Switch 75920 SPST On/Off

    Provides a reliable power disconnection and safety cutoff that protects the vehicle against tampering, theft and battery drain. Protects personnel from electrical hazards during service.

    For use on all vehicle electrical systems such as heavy truck, off-road, construction, material handling, refuse collection, marine and more.

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